20 Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs…Really?

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs is a Tumblr by Andy Donaldson devoted to “inexplicably bad property photographs.”

Here are some of the many, many highlights;

1. ‘Reminiscent of the bathrooms in the Palace of Versailles, if the bathrooms in the Palace of Versailles had been decorated on a tight budget in the 1970s.’


2. ‘Of the two options, “bless this house” is the more popular.’ Love the Bar!


6. ‘Potential buyers are advised not to think about what happens in this room when your back is turned and the light begins to fade.’ Just something about dolls…


20. ‘Furnished. Particularly well-suited to the hosting of competitive staring or arm-wrestling tournaments.’ The Formal Dining Room?


Ok, ok, we have shown enough to stir your interest. Now head over here to see the rest… Great stuff and lessons learned on “What Not To Do”… Happy selling!