A RE/MAX Gold Miracle Agent Recently Toured a Children’s Hospital. Her Experience? Unforgettable.



Since partnering with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in 1992, RE/MAX agents have raised more than $147 million for the charity’s 170 member hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. Donations help fund pediatric medical equipment and treatments, healthcare services and charitable care.

As an affiliate of RE/MAX, at RE/MAX Gold we have also been collaborating with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. We have accomplished this by hosting various charitable events, hospital tours, and by signing up Miracle Agents.

Pippin Dew, a RE/MAX Gold Miracle Agent in the Benicia office, recently toured the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland and described her experience on Facebook, “

RE/MAX Gold Vallejo & Benicia are Children’s Miracle Network offices, which means that every single agent, on every single transaction, donates a portion of their commissions to the Children’s Miracle Network, which helps fund UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals. This morning I got the opportunity to tour the Oakland Hospital. It was simply an incredible experience that gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes, many, many times. Three things I wanted to share from this morning:

The Oakland hospital was started by two women, one a social worker, the other a nurse, in 1912. They pulled together the resources of the community to purchase the property that was to become vallejo-july-4th-banner-draftthe hospital, for the sole purpose of creating a hospital that would serve only children, and would serve those children regardless of ethnicity or ability to pay. It continues to serve that purpose to this day.What an incredible and beautiful feat!!!

When touring the NICU unit, I was shown a preemie diaper. It was smaller than the palm of my hand. A lot smaller. To demonstrate the size of a preemie’s heart, they showed me a gumball. A gumball! How one operates on that I can’t even imagine. The amazing part? They have a 95% survival success rate!!!

And the final piece I wish to share, was the Beads of Hope wall I was shown. There were at least 30 pictures of children of varying ages on this wall, all with big smiles, holding and wearing necklaces full of beads. They explained to me that every single little individual bead is given to the child as they earn them, and signify a different medical procedure. That procedure could be something as simple as having their blood drawn, or it could be something as daunting and physically painful as chemo or radiation treatment. As the meaning of what they were explaining to me sunk in, I whipped my head back around to inspect the photos closer, and was stunned by what I saw. Every kid was wearing at least one full necklace, which had to hold at least 100 beads each; many were wearing many necklaces. I started crying when I noticed a 2 year old little blond cherub of a girl with a big smile that had so many necklaces on, you couldn’t see her neck. The tour guide abruptly jumped to the display, waving his arms, exclaiming “These are all happy stories, I promise! All of these children have happy endings to their stories here!”

How blessed I am that my children are healthy. How grateful I am to the goodness of those two women, and the hundreds and thousands of doctors, nurses, and volunteers that have carried on their legacy. Thank you for what you do”.

Interested in becoming a Miracle Agent with RE/MAX Gold? Download and fill out the form today! Learn about how becoming a Miracle Agent can help children in need hereAlso, see your future donation to CMN in action hereAnd finally, get ahead of the game and sign-up to become a Miracle Agent. Download the form here.