The Newly Designed LeadStreet Is Live!

On October 30th, 2017 the LeadStreet that you are used to use will no longer be available. The RE/MAX tool is getting an upgrade so we encourage you to begin familiarizing yourself with the changes. The new platform has been available in preview mode since October 12th, so if you haven't done so already, login and start exploring. Link below to access a helpful Transition Guide: Agent-Transition-Guide If you have questions, please reach out to your Manager.

SkySlope Tip of the Week: Working Documents

SkySlope 101
Are you utilizing your "Working Documents" area in SkySlope? If not, you should be! The Working Documents area is a place to store all of the things you are working on - such as offers, preliminary documents prior to a sales contract, buyer's rejected offers, etc. There is no storage limit in the Working Documents area, so feel free to upload anything you may need. You also can create folders and sub-folders to keep things organized. Last but not least, this area is 100% private - your eye...

SkySlope Tip of the Week

SkySlope + ZipForm
Did you know that SkySlope and zipForm integrate? Your online filing cabinet (SkySlope) works with zipForm to bring over all of your forms and data to make your life easier. Yay! The integration works in 3 ways: 1) You can create and fill out your zipForm forms from within your SkySlope account. No having to go back and forth! Simply login to SkySlope, create your forms, then send them for signature using DigiSign. 2) For any forms you do create (or have already created) in zipForm...

5 Reasons You’ll Love the New RU More Than … Anything

Why learning really is fun – and fundamental – on the new platform The perks of being a RE/MAX Sales Associate are almost too many to list. High on that list of advantages, though, is something available to each and every Affiliate: the New RU. It’s received a facelift, but it remains the one-stop shop for RE/MAX education, continuing education and training videos. Plus, there’s a wealth of certifications, designations and courses. Here are a few reasons why the New RU is better than ev...

Judy LaDeur: Why Some Teams Fail

Read this sampling of the top coach’s insights on building a team. Then register for the Ultimate RE/MAX Teams Event – Dec. 8 in Las Vegas – to hear many more! By Heather R. Johnson November 2015 Judy LaDeur knows her stuff. The in-demand coach pulls from a successful real estate sales career and her expertise in developing recruiting and training systems to help other real estate professionals succeed, too. This December, LaDeur – along with Tom Ferry, David Scott and Travis Robertson –...

Agent to Agent Referrals… Are You Doing it Right?

One of the biggest benefits to being a RE/MAX agent is the 100,000+ referral potential! Yes with RE/MAX there are over 100,000 agents worldwide and this can easily translate into referrals for you. I have posted in the past examples of good referral letters you can copy and use in your business. Today I want to share an excellent example of how to solicit for referrals via video interaction. Video is becoming increasingly more popular and accessible and I see agents using it to showcase homes, n...