goldendoodles for sale vancouver wa

goldendoodles for sale vancouver wa

Mar. 8, 2011

You can expect them to cry for the first few nights but as long as you don't get up and take them out when they cry, they will get right back into the routine of sleeping through the night as they settle into their new home. Our puppies are gentle, intelligent, extremely sweet and intuitive, all of which makes for an amazing family companion. I feel that if a dog can do well in a home with young children, they can do well anywhere. We have many dogs that have gone on to be licensed therapy dogs. They are not only blessing their own families with their sweet temperaments, but those in a difficult season in their lives as well. What an amazing blessing this is to everyone involved.

goldendoodle breeders montana

Feb. 24, 2011

In 2009, President Obama joked that deciding what breed of dog to get was more wrenching than selecting a commerce secretary.

Looks our windows now.


Trim the dog's facial hair to resemble an upside down "V" to maintain the characteristic goldendoodle face.
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