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RE/MAX Sales Associates,

The world’s top brands share a common trait: They evolve to stay ahead in changing markets and build upon hard-earned consumer loyalty.

World-renowned brands, like Apple or Starbucks, subtly refine their look occasionally to fit consumer preferences and reinforce their culture, personality and competitive position. Staying current lifts the value proposition at every level of an enterprise.

Stagnant brands fade and blend into the background. Great brands evolve. And RE/MAX is the greatest brand in real estate.

To give you an even bigger marketing advantage with today’s consumers, RE/MAX branding is being updated with a fresh, modern design. This “brand refresh” looks great on yard signs and works brilliantly across social, digital, mobile and print platforms. In many ways, it will help you connect with buyers and sellers of today – and tomorrow. The designs will be revealed at the 2017 Broker Owner Conference later this month.

Consumer data and opinion is driving this initiative. Over the past year and a half, more than 20,000 consumers in the U.S. and Canada have provided feedback on RE/MAX branding. The testing clearly shows that RE/MAX logos and signs have incredible power, but also run the risk of being perceived as “outdated” unless they’re adjusted. The time is right for a proactive, strategic refresh – an evolution that brings our look more in line with current styles and consumer expectations. It will benefit everyone who uses the brand.

We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure the refreshed designs appeal to consumers and will help you catch their attention and build your business. It’s been a highly analytical, data-driven process. Options and variances of the new designs were carefully tested with the consumer group and fine-tuned accordingly. We also previewed the designs with various RE/MAX brokers, gaining valuable insight from inside the network.

The bold new designs of logos, wordmarks, yard signs and even the iconic RE/MAX Balloon will be revealed August 21 at the 2017 BOC. The refresh includes RE/MAX Commercial and The RE/MAX Collection as well.

Watch for more communications that week.

At that time, Broker/Owners will get details on updating office branding and helping you update your materials. Approved Suppliers will start selling products with the refreshed branding. (Major, limited-time discounts have been negotiated on yard signs and other key items.) Digital files will be released that day.

Wednesday, September 20, is the official launch day when RE/MAX, LLC will change over to the new branding. Brokerages and agents can take advantage of launch day if the timing works for them. This is NOT a deadline for completing the process. Your existing materials can be phased out, used up or replaced over time.

Just two more weeks until the big unveiling. After that, you’ll have what you need to update your brand and put this major competitive advantage to work for you and your business.

Exciting days are ahead.

Thank you as always,

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Dave Liniger
Co-CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder