RE/MAX Balloon at Breakfast with Santa – Photo Gallery

December 13, 2017

The image of a hot air balloon has become a staple of the RE/MAX brand, but it’s not everyday that a person has the opportunity to see the real balloon flying high, boasting the RE/MAX name amidst the signature red, white and blue colors.

David Wakefield brought the balloon out to Rancho Cordova to make an appearance at the 5th annual “Breakfast with Santa” event, which benefits the Rancho Cordova River City Concert band. His flight crew consisted of himself, his daughter Kaylynn and her friend Isabel, along with RE/MAX Gold Roseville associates Chuck Klein, Dawn Devine, Doug Watson and Trisa Griffis, as well as the site groundskeeper, Charlie Well.  “We arrived at 7 am and amazingly, some people were already there waiting for us to get started with the balloon. With that, we greeted the event staff and then, with coffee in hand, got started setting up the balloon.”

In spite of a chilly morning, by the time David and his team had the balloon inflated and ready to go, lines to take a ride had already developed. They took a few test flights with their crew to ensure the safety of all riders, and then got started.

The RE/MAX balloon was up and tethered for two hours, giving rides to 112 people in that time! At the request of the children in attendance, Santa even took a few flights up in the balloon. He also passed out candy canes and mingled with those waiting their turn to ride the balloon.

“I could not have done this alone and I sincerely thank the team from RE/MAX Gold who came out and made this all possible.” — David Wakefield

The Northern California RE/MAX Balloon Team, operated by Cheers Over California, Inc., has been flying the RE/MAX Balloon and operating other RE/MAX inflatable equipment since 2005. They schedule and operate the RE/MAX equipment at regional events for Northern California RE/MAX offices.

You can reach David directly at (916) 922-9253 or or by email at Want to help out at an event near you? Give Dave a call!

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