RE/MAX Balloon Stands Tall at CIM in East Sacramento

December 3, 2017

Every year, the California International Marathon, commonly referred to as CIM, draws a crowd of both runners and spectators from all over the nation. This year was no exception; with 18,000 runners hitting the streets of Sacramento, RE/MAX Gold agents saw this as a great event for networking and branding. Matt Dunn, Mark Parreira and Michael Heede, of the Sacramento Midtown office, had front row seats for the race.

Both Matt and Mark’s homes happen to reside on the sidelines of the CIM course. Although having your whole street closed might seem like an inconvenience to some, the agents used it to their advantage by displaying their RE/MAX balloon, setting up their business signs and cheering on runners. This year, when Michael asked to join in on the fun, Matt said “the more the merrier!”

The three of them set up at 7 am the morning of to prepare for the day. High energy music was pumping and bottled waters chilled and ready for runners. They took their hospitality to the next level, offering donuts and mimosas for neighbors and spectators passing by–even a few runners stopped to enjoy the libations! “After 24 miles of running, mimosas looked very tasty to many of them,” said Matt.

With the addition of Michael and his giant RE/MAX balloons, their spot on mile 24 was quite the attraction. With balloons beckoning the attention of all and three enthusiastic agents, the RE/MAX brand was well represented at CIM. “We knew some friends, fellow agents and title reps running so we were easily seen by them and were able to cheer them on to the finish line!” Matt recalled.

“With 18,000 runners and tons of spectators that line the route, it is a huge opportunity to have the brand visible. Even though we can’t pass out cards to runners, they definitely noticed the balloons and appreciated us cheering them on, and it gave us a chance to chat with some of the spectators.” — Matt Dunn

Matt, Mark and Michael had such a great time cheering on runners and representing the brand that they plan to meet again next year, with the hope of making it something even bigger! MIDTOWN Manager, Gina LaPlaca shared their excitement, as well as many of the MIDTOWN agents. They all want to get in on the action and are already planning for next year.

“We’re planning to display all our large RE/MAX balloons throughout the CIM route with agents standing by with water and encouragement,” Gina said. “We’re here to support our community, as much as our co-agent participants and want to remind people that we live and work in the communities we serve.”

You can reach the agents directly: Matt Dunn at 916.802.0980 or; Mark Parreira at 916.600.7454 or; Michael Heede at 916.717.8709 or; and Gina LaPlaca at