RE/MAX Balloon Reaches New Heights at Clovis Balloon Festival

The RE/MAX balloon at the 41st Annual Clovis Balloon Festival 2015

Last weekend, the RE/MAX balloon along with many others took flight at the 41st Annual Clovis Balloon Festival.

In a pre-event interview with KSEE 24, Nita Hayes (Manager for RE/MAX Gold Fresno County) states, “Yes, the balloon will be there, it is real!”, she jokes, “We do drawings with our agents and they can award flights to their clients. The flights are beautiful and peaceful. I am so proud of RE/MAX and the balloon!”

In a second interview with KSEE 24, Nita also talks about RE/MAX’s role in the event and this year’s partnership with Property ID,” This year we partnered with Property ID, one of our trusted partners, in helping sponsor our balloon. Our agents, clients, and friends all come help to set it up. We are so proud so have this iconic real estate emblem!”.

Thank you Property ID and all of the agents who helped make this happen!