SkySlope Tip of the Week

Did you know that SkySlope and zipForm integrate?


Your online filing cabinet (SkySlope) works with zipForm to bring over all of your forms and data to make your life easier. Yay!

The integration works in 3 ways:
1) You can create and fill out your zipForm forms from within your SkySlope account. No having to go back and forth! Simply login to SkySlope, create your forms, then send them for signature using DigiSign.

2) For any forms you do create (or have already created) in zipForm, SkySlope brings in all of your forms automatically! Making it easier for your to either get those forms signed using DigiSign or simply turn them into the checklist for review.

3) When creating a file in SkySlope, rather than re-enter the information you’ve already entered into zipForm (your clients information, the sales price, etc.), the information will auto-populate into your SkySlope property file. This saves you from having to do double data entry, which saves you time!

If you haven’t already, make sure you have integrated your SkySlope + zipForm accounts by following the instructions found here. You will also find more information on how the integration works within that link.

Please note: SkySlope requires your zipForm username and password – not your CAR login. If you’re not sure what your zipForm login is, follow the instructions here.

As always, reach out to SkySlope’s 24/7 Support Team anytime you need assistance!