SkySlope Tip of the Week: Working Documents

Are you utilizing your “Working Documents” area in SkySlope? If not, you should be!

The Working Documents area is a place to store all of the things you are working on – such as offers, preliminary documents prior to a sales contract, buyer’s rejected offers, etc.

There is no storage limit in the Working Documents area, so feel free to upload anything you may need. You also can create folders and sub-folders to keep things organized. Last but not least, this area is 100% private – your eyes only. So you may store non-real estate related items here for safekeeping if need be (for example: your computer at home is on the verge of a breakdown and you need a safe place to store your family photos).

The benefit of using this space to store these preliminary documents is the accessibility – you can access these files from wherever you have an internet connection if stored in SkySlope. That way, all of your important documents and files are all stored in one spot- SkySlope!

Want more information on the Working Documents section? Click here.
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