Are You Team Leader Material? By Travis Robertson

team leader
The success coach offers a gut check here for agents considering forming a team, and he’ll have many more ideas to share at the Ultimate RE/MAX Teams Event in Las Vegas this December By Heather R. Johnson   Peak performance coach Travis Robertson is an expert on team building, marketing and sales. He speaks frequently on those topics, as well as business growth, negotiation, recruiting, retention and leadership. Robertson offers these ideas on what it takes to lead a team. You can h...

Real Estate Playbook: 40% growth in 1 year You Can Do It!

If you were one of the thousands in attendance at this years R4 than perhaps you caught Mr. Robertson. R4 session focusing on strategies that can help agents dramatically grow their lead conversion. And many of you are putting these tactics in place as I write. If you missed this amazing session. RE/MAX Gold has you covered. You can watch the entire session at your convenience in the comfort of your home, office, favorite Starbucks or wherever you wish. The whole session is one hour and is jamme...

How to grow your business by 40% or more… Live with Travis Robertson

Part of our new M.E.C. series events.  Please make some time in your schedule to go see this event hosted by your RE/MAX California Hawaii Region.  Travis Robertson will transform the way you approach you business.   Here is a sample of Travis Live and what you can expect:   He is worth every minute of your time to see him in person.