The Funny Money Balloon Race at The Roseville Office

Funny Money Balloon Race Group


In April, the Roseville office kicked off what will now become an annual 3-month sales contest—The Funny Money Balloon Race!  The premise of the contest was pretty simple—earn ‘funny money’ for doing different (pre-determined) real estate activities, and then spend your funny money at an auction party in the Roseville office.

In July, Roseville had their Funny Money Auction Party. Agents came, collected their winnings, and then rolled up their sleeves—ready to out-bid their competitors for some super cool auction items!

There were some attractive offerings. Everything from a beach tent, Cards Against Humanity, a beautiful essential oils diffuser, an Open House Sign Package donated by Paradise Signs, a FREE TMS Transaction donated by RE/MAX Gold and much more. The big grand-daddy prize that everyone wanted was a Luxury Lunch Package which consisted of a $100 gift card to Paul Martins coupled with a 4-hour limo donation from VIP Limo & Tours.

What made the auction such a blast was the unexpected twist that was added for the day of the party. Participants could use ‘real money’ to buy up their funny money if they wanted an item that exceeded their actual earnings. And for anyone who didn’t participate in the contest—they could also buy funny money and get in on the action! Even the vendors couldn’t resist getting in on the fun. All real dollars collected would be donated to Children’s Miracle Network. The bidding and outbidding was absolute pandemonium—with the big grand-daddy item going for over $1500 (in funny money)!

At the end of the party, our volunteer auction banker, Candice Davis from Movement Mortgage, added up all of the real dollars and then Ken Brazil presented Children’s Miracle Network with a check for $1,000!

“It was fun to see the competition for the 3 months of the contest; then for us to all come together and have a great time. Being able to donate $1,000 to CMN was the perfect ending”

—Ken Brazil.

It was such a fun event – the agent’s had a great time and we raised some serious cash for CMN! All in a day’s work at Roseville…it’s just how we roll!