Three for Free! A Special Promotion from RE/MAX LLC

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Three for Free!
Wednesday, September 20th, was the official launch day when RE/MAX LLC, will changed over to the new branding. You can take advantage of free promotion material by visiting the Three for Free program and logging into Max Center. (expires 02.01.18)

You can take advantage of the September 20th launch day to change over to the new branding, however this is NOT a deadline for completing the process. Your existing materials can be phased out, used up or replaced over time.

For new RE/MAX logos visit RE/MAX Marketing and log in.
For new RE/MAX Gold logos log in into Gold Connect and see Brand Refresh–The Wait is Over.

FAQs REMAX Balloon 2017

When does the “Three for Free” promotion start and end?
The special offer begins August 21 when the Marketing Portal is launched. It ends for every participating region on February 1, 2018.

Does the promotion cover tax, shipping & handling, etc.?
No. Those costs are not covered.

What signs are involved?
The traditional-sized horizontal residential yard signs, the newly introduced vertical residential signs, The RE/MAX Collection luxury signs, and standard RE/MAX Commercial signs. For larger RE/MAX Commercial signs, Associates should access the portal and review their options on the two Approved Supplier sites. Agents can convert their “Three for Free” into a $75 credit toward the purchase of more expensive versions.

Can you use the promotion on upgraded signs and materials?
The “Three for Free” promotion applies to the standard signs referenced above. If an agent chooses upgraded versions, the first $25 of each sign will be credited.

Can an agent use the “Three for Free” promotion to buy other products, such as sign frames?
No. The promotion is tied solely to signs, and specifically, signs bearing the refreshed branding.

How does this work for teams?
Each Licensed Associate on a team (Team Leaders and Team Members) will have access to the special promotion. And Team Members can purchase signs bearing the Team or Team Leader’s name. It may be more efficient, especially for larger teams, to contact Dee Sign or BuildASign and order directly through the customer service desk. The bottom line is that a seven-person team, for instance, is able to get 21 free signs through the promotion.

Can other Approved Suppliers or sign vendors be used?
Not for the “Three for Free” promotion. The arrangement has been negotiated and made exclusively with Dee Signs and BuildASign.

Can agents still purchase signs with the old branding?
No. With the release of the refreshed, new logos, trademarks and wordmarks, materials with the prior branding can no longer be purchased. Brokerages and agents are able to use up those materials over time (they don’t have to be thrown out, for instance, but the sooner affiliates “flip” to the new branding, the sooner they will enjoy the advantages.)

Do the three free signs have to be the same thing?
No. Any combination of residential, commercial or luxury signs will be covered. For instance, an agent could purchase one of each if he or she so chooses.