RE/MAX Gold Hosts Tom Ferry

Last week, RE/MAX Gold had the honor of hosting legendary real estate coach Tom Ferry at our Midsummer Sales Rally. Held at the Elks Tower in downtown Sacramento, hundreds of our Gold

Nation agents walked away with quite a few “gold nuggets” Ferry had when it comes to successfully growing your business. Ferry, known for his tech-savviness and innovative techniques, had the crowd excited to try the latest marketing tools and strategies. If you missed it, here are a few lessons we learned.

All business is innovation and marketing. With technology and the current market and our competition changing so quickly around us, to stand out from the crowd, we always should be innovating and marketing as agents. That includes adopting new strategies, eliminating what doesn’t work, trying new things, and being flexible as things change. After all, marketing = math. Try a new strategy, evaluate the ROI, then decide to continue or try another strategy. It’s simple, if you think of it that way. Those postcards you continue to send in a certain area that you never see a lead come from? Stop sending the postcards, and try Facebook ads instead. Facebook ads not working for you? Stop the ads and try picking up the phones. Always be evaluating and innovating. If you’re not sure where to start, RE/MAX Gold’s Marketing Department can help.

Another huge point Ferry shared was staying connected via social media. The goal of your social media accounts should be to add value to your network and stay engaged. His suggestion? Facebook Live! Ferry says this Facebook tool is extremely under-utilized in the real estate industry. Facebook Live is a great way to share information with your audience, as well to showcase your personality. What better way to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other realtors out there that only share their listing photos? Put a smile on, go live, and jump ahead of the curve.

Since the event last week, we have seen quite a few RE/MAX Gold agents utilizing Facebook live to talk about the neighborhoods their experts in, to preview an exciting, upcoming listing, and share their buyers excitement as they closed on their new home! Way to take Ferry’s advice and be leaders of the pack, as we know all of Gold Nation agents are. Now, are you ready to go live?

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