Use these five strategies to organize your business and create a breakthrough in your success

Organize and Transform



You will find this in the latest issue of Above from RE/MAX but we thought it important enough to share. With the market adjusting and the real estate economy changing, it’s time for something new. It’s time to create a massive shift not only in your behavioral science – the how and why you do what you do – but also in working to increase your business. There is one thing that will help you to have the biggest breakthrough in your success: Organization.

In my opinion, the cardinal sin in real estate is guessing where your next sale is coming from. Stop guessing! I challenge you to consider one organizational strategy and either refine how you currently use it or add it if you don’t.

By operating your business by design, you won’t move from Point A to Point B, you’ll move from Point A to Point C. Check out the following five ways to get there quicker:

1 | Set Goals
In order to create a shift – in implementation, lead generation, appointments, listings taken, listings sold and sales made in the shortest amount of time – it’s important to set goals. Decide how many days a week you want to work, how much income you want to make, and what percentage of your business is going to be sold listings versus buyer-controlled sales. If you’re always thinking about your goal, your goal finds you.

2 | Track and Measure
I recommend that all agents track and measure their performance. There is no failure in it. If you discover, for example, that your story and message are highly ineffective, then you know you have to alter your presentation and change your approach. Tracking and measuring empowers you to go out and make corrective, small changes that will get you a better result.

3 | Discover Your Magic Number
It’s important to learn how many conversations — with prospective buyers and prospective sellers — you need to have each day to guarantee a sale. There should not be an agent anywhere in the world who doesn’t know it takes them 116 conversations, 43 conversations or whatever that number may be to make a sale. Knowing your magic number removes all the guesswork.

4 | Implement a Project Management System
I teach using a “Do, Doing, Done Board.” Every good agent has a ton of yellow notepads and a bunch of old seminar workbooks, but they have no visual process for organizing their business and moving from ideas to implementation to income. Creating this board helps you capture every good idea and see it through into action while running your existing business.

5 | Figure Out What Already Works
A breakthrough comes not only from doing what already works in your business, but in finding the time to add in new lead generation strategies, new systems and new skills, and recognizing that the one thing agents don’t have today is a lot of free time. Stop the rat race of real estate and slow down to make the fundamentals of your business work.



The “Thriving Daily with Tom Ferry” app was developed to help you track and measure your daily business activities in a simple, effective way. You input your information — your goals, sales activities and more. The app instantaneously gives you a basic plan for how many buyer and seller prospect conversations are needed each day to achieve your goals. Download it for FREE in the Apple App Store. Use the search phrase “Thriving Daily.”