We’d Like to Welcome RM Property Management to the Fair Oaks Office

RM Property ManagementIt seems like lately so many agents are looking for quality property management. We’re happy to refer you to RM Property Management now located in the RE/MAX Gold Fair Oaks office.

RM Property Management takes the time to get to know owners and genuinely care for the properties they manage. They also work closely with tenants to ensure that their needs are met. RM Property Management are available to their Tenants and Owners with 24/7 availability to address any issues. Someone is ALWAYS available.

With a combined 30+ years in commercial property management, sales, and leasing, RM Property Management meets all of their clients’ needs.

What distinguishes one property management service from the others? Here, in their own words, is what RM Property Management feels you should look for when selecting the right company:

Allen Zarou RM Property Management QuoteGenuine Care – We truly care about the properties that we manage. Yes, we are a business, but we have a higher purpose which is to serve our clients.

Exceptional Knowledge of the Local Market – We have 14 years of experience of serving the local market. We only manage properties in the Sacramento area. We never accept management assignments if we cannot frequently visit the property and deliver a stellar level of service.

Intimate Service – We take the time to get to know you and your tenants on a personal level. We understand that your investment is important to you and we act accordingly.

Tailored Management Services to Fit Your Unique Needs – We are always flexible in tailoring a management plan that fits your unique need. We are also sensitive to your budget and are always willing to work with you regarding fees.

Excellent Communication – We always deliver rapid response to clients, tenants, vendors and anybody who contacts us. This includes rapid response to phone calls, emails and text messages. You will NEVER have to chase us down.

​Find out more by visiting them online at rmpropmgmt.comor contact the team.​

Consider this your introduction to Managing Director Steve Nye, CCIM and Property Manager L. Carole Kight. You can reach Steve at 916.410.4112 or Carole at 916.813.5079

Or feel free to reach out to Allen Zarou, RE/MAX Gold Fair Oaks Manager, for more information 916.612.8260.

RM Property Management Team