White Cup Coffee Roasters Creates RE/MAX Gold Blend

December 2017,

Since 1999, White Cup Coffee Roasters has mastered the art of roasting artisan quality coffee and this year the company, based locally in Lodi, has taken on a new project: a RE/MAX Gold Blend. The “Gold Blend” is a smooth mix of Sumatran, Honduran and Ethiopian beansall organic, all Fair Trade Certified™,  so you can feel good about drinking it.

The idea came when Randy Elliott, Manager of the Lodi office, took his team to the White Cup Coffee Roasting house for a “RE/MAX Re-Energize” event. The Lodi office was given a tour of the facility by Kelly Brown, President of White Cup Coffee Roasters, and close fried of Randy’s. While touring, the group had a tasting and took home their very own “gold blend.”

Randy brought up how neat it would be to have bags of coffee to give to clients as gifts and Kelly could see his wheels turning. Randy said it: “What if we kept making this? I’m thinking something big” to which Kelly replied, “I know what you’re thinking.” It was in that moment that the RE/MAX Gold Blend was officially born.

Kelly offered to give Randy a 10% commission, being that it was partly his idea. While Randy admits he was flattered by the offer, he had a better idea: With the purchase of every RE/MAX Gold Blend coffee, White Cup Coffee Roasters will donate 10% of profits to Children’s Miracle Network on behalf of RE/MAX Gold and White Cup Coffee Roasters. “We want to support RE/MAX Gold in their initiative to support Children’s Miracle Network. Our Goal is for RE/MAX Gold to raise $10,000 for Children’s Miracle Network, by just buying coffee. What a fun way to raise money” said Kelly.

The Gold Blend is available now and will continue to be roasted with no end in sight. It is available in two sizes: A 5lb. bag  for $52.50 or 12 oz. bags, purchased in boxes of 6 units, for $54. Each package is co-branded with a label featuring White Cup Coffee Roasters, Children’s Miracle Network and, of course, RE/MAX Gold.

“I really do love the taste of this new special blend that Kelly created for us at RE/MAX Gold! I typically never drink coffee, unless it’s flavored with hazelnut or something, but this special blend is so smooth and tasty. I’ll drink it all by itself with no flavoring, creamer or even sugar sometimes. It’s just that good!”Randy Elliott, Manager of the Lodi office

White Cup Coffee Roasters has created an order form for the convenience of RE/MAX Gold offices. Fax it to (866) 636-7032 or email order form to Kelly Brown, the roasting company’s president, personally at Kelly@KellyBrownCPA.com. Orders may take up to three days to ship, being that your order is roasted fresh for you. But who knows, if you order enough you might get it hand delivered by Kelly himself! Order online or View Order form here.

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